Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Most Hated Pants in Fashion?

I think I've only met a handful of people who like harem pants. I know a lot of people think they make you look like you're wearing a diaper, but I just can't hide my love for them. I wore them on my birthday (which, if you know me, you know that my birthday outfit is a BIG deal), and got lots of compliments on my look, so I tried to re-style them again and see what I came up with!

It's best to wear these high-waisted, in order to avoid the ultimate saggy crotch (excuse my language, but there's just no better way to put it), and I love them with a simple tank.


Find a fun graphic tank and knot it to the side. Pair with simple sandals for a comfy day of running errands!

{tank} Target- similar
{pants} H&M (in stores)- similar
{sandals} Taget- similar

This look is a little dressier, I paired it with a wispy button up cami and heels (my newest purchase that I'm in LOVE with-$15 on clearance!). I also love a bustier top with these, especially when you're trying to dress it up a bit!

{top} Forever 21- similar
{shoes} Target- similar
{cuff} Charlotte Russe- similar

And this is the way I'd probably be most likely to wear these. I'm way more of a sandals and tank kinda girl, so if I don't have anywhere to really go, this is my go-to look.

{tank} H&M
{sandals} Target
{necklace} Forever 21

Since you definitely can wear these with something other than a tank top, I've paired it with a chambray button up and tried mixing some patterns with a fun striped moto jacket.

LEFT LOOK: {chambray shirt} Old Navy- similar
{wedges} Target

RIGHT LOOK: {moto jacket} Charlotte Russe- similar
{tank} Old Navy
{necklace} ?- similar
{heels} Target- similar

Welp, that's all I've got for today, folks! Maybe I've changed at least one mind about harem pants and have convinced someone to try 'em out! Can't hurt, right?

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