Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celeb Inspirations: Reese Witherspoon

Celebs. How do they always manage to look so chic when they're "just running errands"? I suppose if I constantly had the paps following me, I'd always try to look my best. No more ponytails, yoga pants, and visible zits! Ha. Anywhooo, I love Reese's laid back look here, especially with the rolled chinos. She's got a Chloe bag and sandals on, and I'm pretty sure that both of those would cost the equivalent of like three month's rent for me. Let's see if we can do it up for less.

I can't really tell what kind of shirt she's wearing, but it looks like a laid back white cotton shirt. I like that this Slub-Knit Tee  from Old Navy is airy enough, but still looks pull together enough to wear in public (plus, it's only like $17 bucks!). Keeping it all at ON, pick up a pair of these Cropped Khakis for only $19.50! I really like the "peaches and cream" color, but that's not what Miss Witherspoon is wearing. Charlotte Russe has a lot of awesome shoes, and these Double Band Cork Wedge Sandals are only $25! I just wish the heel wasn't so high...le sigh...when your husband is the same height as you, wearing heels kinda goes out the window. Alright, we're barely at $50, so let's add the bag and be done! Have I ever mentioned how much I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve Target?! It's kinda sad, I was there today and a lady asked if I knew where the shaving cream was, and I knew exactly where to tell her to go. Which aisle number and everything. Puh-thetic. But when you have a screaming toddler and aren't quite sure what else to do, Target is ALWAYS a good idea. ;) Anyways, they've got some killer bags this season, and I'm a big fan of this Merona Crossbody purse. I love that the straps are adjustable so you can either wear it crossbody or shorten the straps and wear it on your shoulder. Remember, that's at Target, and it's only $24.99!

There you have it, lusties. This is a look that pretty much anyone can pull off at any budget! Remember, make it your own!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh boy...

Oh my lusties! How I've missed you! It's funny how life can kinda overwhelm you a bit and you lose track of time. I have been SO insanely busy with Liam and preparing for R&R that I've abandoned you all.


Sweet. I PROMISE I'll be back up in a couple weeks once things start settling down a little bit. Until then, check out a few of my favorite things and discuss amongst yourselves.

Green drop earrings seen on Eva, Hillary, and Reese. I especially LURVE Eva's. Jeesh, she's hot.

Green jeans on Anna, LeAnn, and Ashley. I really love the color of LeAnn's, but I'm not a fan of homewrecking, so I'm gonna pretend someone else is wearing those. ;)

Mixing prints on Amber, Kelly, and Selita. I LOVE Kelly's look-and it's all stuff from Macy's (well it's Madonna's daugter, Lourdes' line) Material Girl line! Super affordable!

Go check out People's Style Watch website for more fun looks!