Tuesday, December 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm browsing Love Culture's website and I must say, I'm kinda diggin' what I see. I'm not a fan of ALL of it, but there are some pieces that I could work into my wardrobe, and the prices are pretty decent as well. Their Knitted Ikat Miniskirt is super adorable. I actually like the shoes they paired with it as well, but I don't like the color too much. Maybe if they were more dark charcoal, they'd be more fitting, but the style is super cute. I would probably put these Oxford Style Pumps with the skirt instead. I really want a quilted bag as well. I know that I posted one similar to this before, but it's still on my wish list, so you get to look at yet another one. I'm not a fan of the lavender one, but I can dig the taupe, white, or black one. I would definitely loop a square scarf through one of the rings as well. There's something about this Plenty of Jewels belt that I really like. I don't like the red or black, but I really like the tan one (or is that yellow?). It's super vintage and really cute! This Plumed Rosette Hair Pin is absolutely adorable! Make sure that your top isn't too busy if you stick this in your hair, but it would be perfect with your LBD and colored (coughREDcough) pumps. Very pinup-esque!

'Tis all for tonight, I'm exhausted and my bed is sounding mighty fine right about now! Happy shopping and let me know if you pick anything up from Love Culture! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Years Eve--Dresses!

It would take me forevs to post every look that I love for New Year's, so I'm going to break it down by dresses, skirts/pants, and tops. We still have a few weeks until the ball drops, so that's plenty of time to find a new outfit. Each dress will be under $50, so it won't be much of a strain on your post holiday wallet. I'm running on the assumption that you have a neutral (i.e. nude, black, or brown) heel that could be paired with these dresses, so that's one less thing you'll have to buy! Check back later for accessories and hairstyles to complete your look! Happy shopping and enjoy your holidays, whatever you celebrate! :)

1. I really love all the different textures on this Rampage Dress from Macy's ($34.99). It's almost like you're wearing two different pieces, but the colored belt ties the whole look together.

2. This Chiffon Embellished Dress from Forever 21 ($27.80) is the perfect twist on the LBD. It is a spaghetti strap dress, but the chiffon overlay adds a special touch. It's a little bit gothic, a little bit glam and I love it.

3. If you want to add a bit of shimmer without going overboard, this Glimmering Cowlneck Dress from Forever 21 ($22.80), will do the trick. I love how they added a few chunky gold and black bracelets to complete the look. It's definitely the perfect party dress for the holidays.

4. Although it's really simple, I like the cut of this One Shoulder Belted Dress from Forever 21 ($22.80). The color is adorable, and it's "festive" enough that you could pair it with black tights and heels, or you could go bare legged and pair it with embellished heels or nude pumps-your choice.

5. Oh my, I'm in love. There's something about the softness of the print of this dress that I really like, as well as the style. Check it out here (Forever 21 $27.80).

6. If you're a little more daring like I am, try this Fitted Square Sequin Dress from Charlotte Russe ($39.50). I wish it came in a different color, but you could always go a little more colorful with your shoes.

7. Feathers are super hot this season, and this Crushed Satin Tube Dress (Charlotte Russe $44.50) has the perfect touch of feathers and sparkle. I love the bow on it as well. Super cute.

8. How much more festive can you get than a giant bow? This Gift of Glam Dress (Mod Cloth $44.99) is absolutely adorable. I think I'd pair it with red heels and hit the town.

9. Need a little taste of Italy? This Navigating the Canals Dress from Mod Cloth ($47.99) will do the trick. I love the bow (again) as well as the fuller skirt. Black pumps would be all you need to pull off the outfit.

10. Teenage Dream? I guess so! I really love the sequins and the satin mix on this dress. The color combination is just dreamy as well. Pun intended.

11. I love the jewel tones of this Young At Heart dress from Lulu's ($36.50).

12. This Sultry Blue Dress from Lulu's ($47.00) totally has a movie star vibe to it. I'm loving the cutouts in the back. Very understatedly sexy!

13. You wouldn't think that white would work during the winter, but the masculine studs on this Best Revenge Cocktail Dress from Lulu's ($49.00) would look awesome against the snow.

That's all I've got for now, it's time for this mamacita to hit the hay.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Celeb Inspirations-Lauren Conrad, AGAIN!

I'm sorry, but can this girl do no wrong? I luuuuurve her style. Srsly, she is amazeballs and this picture just solidifies her spot in the Fashion Hall of Fame (if such thing existed). Check out this pic, and let's see if we can copy it for under $100 (I'm sure we can)...

The skirt she's wearing is Herve Leger which will run you about $750, so if you can swing that, then go for it, but I'd rather eat. I found this skirt from Metropark for only $44. That may be a little more than you REALLY want to spend on a skirt, but with the metallic material, you want it to be decently made, otherwise it's going to look like pure crap. This Boyfriend Button Down (Button Up?) from Macy's Material Girl line is PERFECT for the skirt. It's on sale for $19.99 so I'd recommend snatching it up before they're gone! You can't see her shoes in the pic, but you can't go out barefoot, so throw these Suede Pumps from Charlotte Russe ($30) on, and you're set! Honestly, if you're going to wear jewelry, keep it simple and delicate i.e. a charm necklace or diamond studs.