Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colored Denim!

Celebs are rockin' this look everywhere you look. Leann Rimes (ugh, not a fan, but she's wearing them in the pic so I should give her credit where it's due), Whitney Port, and Cameron Diaz are all wearing a neutral peachy shade, while Anna Kendrick, Leann Rimes (again?!), and Ashley Greene wear them in green.

(Pics are courtesy of People Style Watch)

Surprisingly wearable, huh? Or are you still not convinced? I will say, I really like the minty color on Leann, they're definitely more subtle than the bright green or turquoise. The peach is more ready-to-wear as well, but I'm not sure if my peachy skin would look too hot with peach pants. I don't need flesh colored pants! ;)

I bought a pair of tuquoise jeans from H&M a few years ago, but they sat in my closet with the tags on FOREVER. I guess I just wasn't ready to brave the stares, but now I'm kicking myself for giving them away. I just didn't have the right resources to pull them off, and now that I do, I'm wishing I had them back!

I was browsing around Urban Outfitters and found a pair of colored denim in almost every single shade. They're all definitely more on the bright side, but I think they're perfect for a lunch date or a fun night out on the town. I'll pick two colors, a more understated pair, and a "louder" pair, and break it down for you, piece by piece. Enjoy!

Look #1: BDG Cigarette Mid-Rise Jean-Teal. Teal jeans are a perfect starting point because they're similar to regular denim, but they still have a tiny punch of color. Perfect for those who are a bit weary of the colored denim trend. Since I'm on a huge tribal print kick, I would pair it with this Striped Tribal Graphic Tank from Forever21. It's perfect and adds some much needed brightness to the jeans. Pair it with some tribal inspired accessories and you're set!

Look #2: BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean-Yellow. Now, yellow is a bit more "out there", but they're still totally wearable. I think these would be fun to just wear with a white tee or tank, but they're still super stylish paired with red or navy blue. You could also be SUPER daring and wear them with another bright color like purple. I really like all the colors on this Patch Pocket Satin Tank from Charlotte Russe. You could definitely wear this with the yellow pants as well as your regular jeans. I'm thinking some clear lucite jewelry with this (like a chunky necklace) and some black heels for a night out on the town. Purrrrfect.

Well, there ya have it. I hope I've given you the courage to try this trend, and if not, at least you got some online shopping in!


Monday, June 13, 2011

It's been awhile, my friends...

Holy wowzers, I've been slacking on my posts! Inspiration just hasn't been hitting me lately, even though I've bought the newest issues of In Style and People Style Watch. It's a bummer!

It's also been cold here, which doesn't help the whole Summer vibe. When I say cold, I'm talking mid-60's. That is NOT acceptable in June. Mother Nature needs to get her shizz together and realize that it's time for at least low-80's.

I'll tell you what I've been obsessed with lately...sundresses. I found the CUTEST, most adorable, 50's inspired sundress at Marshall's the other day, but it didn't fit me right (welcome to post-pregnancy, where nothing fits you anymore because your bod bod is shaped all funky). It was red with white polka dots on it. The front had a little "collar" type thing on the bust, along with three buttons. It would have been perfect for sipping Cokes down by the river-because I do that so often. I wish it would have fit.

Whenever I go shopping, I look for something that has a unique pattern to it. I'm sick of wearing solid colored sundresses, I want something with PIZZAZ! This Ikat Print Drawstring Dress ($19.80) from Forever 21 is sooo pretty and such a refreshing print. I love the orange and gray together, it just looks so right!

Tribal prints are really catching my eye tonight, and I think of all the fun possibilites for accessories. This Electric Tribal Dress ($19.80) also from Forever 21 isn't for the weak, but doesn't it make you happy just by looking at it?

Ok, I have a confession to make. I was going to hold it in, but I can't. I have a dirty little secret sitting in a plastic H&M bag on my bedroom floor. I bought a pair of high waisted khaki shorts. I was worried that I might look like a Jersey girl straight outta an 80's rom com, but they're surprisingly modern when paired with the appropriate top! I changed out of my jammies just to take a picture for all you lusties so you can see. I paired mine with a plain white tank from Target and a gold and turquoise necklace from F21. I did buy a cream colored tank from H&M that says, "Here Comes Trouble" in gold sequins, but didn't feel that snazzy tonight. ;)

(Please excuse my dirty mirror, I am the SLOPPIEST person when it comes to brushing my teeth, toothpaste seems to end up everywhere)

So there we have it. My newest fashion risk. I'm trying to buy new things "outside the box" this Summer and H&M is definitely the place to go. They have so many inexpensive pieces (their bikini separates start at like $4.98 which is a freakin' STEAL) that you can mix and match all Summer long! Check them out and try some new stuff, what can it hurt?

Alrighty, I'm donezo for the night. I need to hit the hay, I have so much wedding planning to do this week that I can't even think straight!