Thursday, September 30, 2010

Celeb Inspirations for less!

Don't you just love seeing celebrities rocking a stellar outfit on TV or in the mags? Don't you love it even more knowing that you'll never be able to afford to spend $575 on a pair of heels or a bag? Can't you just hear the sarcasm dripping off this post? I have come to the conclusion that unless I either win the lottery or get a kickass job in the fashion industry, I will probably never own a pair of Louboutins or an authentic Chanel quilted bag. I've made peace with that, but it doesn't mean I have to start wearing mom jeans and velcro tennis shoes. There are pleeeeenty of stores out there who offer stylish, trendy clothes for those of us who actually have to pay our own bills. It really can't be that difficult to find similar styles for under $150-including the top(s), bottom, and shoes. Maybe I'll make this a once-a-week thing, so if you have any celeb looks that you like, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up! I'm going to do two looks today from Kim Kardashian who is one of my best dressed stars.

Let's start with a "dressier" look. I really think this is perfect for autumn nights out, especially in Minnesota. You don't want to have to carry around a big bulky jacket, but you also don't want to have to stand outside for an hour (I'm talking to YOU, Sneaky Pete's) freezing your buns off. So here is look #1 from Miss K:
I love how she is dressing down that dress with a simple black blazer. Then she added the leopard print clutch to add a little pizzazz. Alright, now let's see if we can get this look for less! Here's the breakdown!:
Forever21 Rosette Dress-$24.80 (not as poufy as Kim's, but it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a dress like that!)

The entire look only costs $105.80!

Ok, here is the next look, which is a more casual one. I love how low key she looks, but she is still so well put together! I just love her and would give my right arm to have all the clothes in her closet. But it'd have to be everything including bags, purses, jewelry, and sunglasses-I mean, I am giving her my right arm afterall. Alright, here's the look:
Ok, so we've got a simple tan tunic, some ripped skinnies, leopard print booties, and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Easy enough. Read on...

And I added this bag from F21 just because it adds that perfect pop of color (and I'm in love with it)

The whole look is only $127.40! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One more thing, then I'm done.

These shoes are only  $33! I mean, seriously...thirty-three American dollars. I want them so bad, and I know I can justify this purchase, they'd look so cute with some skinnies and a fab top. 


Girls Night Out!

Who doesn't love a girls night out?! I know I can't be the only one who enjoys dressing up to go out. Our tradition is getting dressed up for birthdays. Cocktail attire is a must and I'm always scoping out cute dresses for a night out. It seems that I'm always finding dresses when I don't need them, yet when I've got an event to go to, I can't find a thing. My remedy for that from now on is to buy every cocktail dress I come across that I love. Makes sense, right? ;) Ok, so thanks to Miss Caity Rose (who is currently in London and blogging about her experience, you should check it out-there.she.goes), I've found this website called Lulus that I am in complete lust with. I thought it would be more on the pricey side, but holy crap, it's affordable! Every time I come across a new clothing site, the first section I look in is the dresses. I don't know why, but I can tell a lot about a site by the dresses they sell. You don't have to weed through a million tops, you can pretty much get the vibe from the first page or two of the dresses. Shoes are a close second. If they aren't affordable and trendy though, I move on. Alright, back to dresses-what are some occasions that might call for a cocktail dress? Birthdays? Bachelorette parties? Just a night out? Yes, yes, and YES! The one thing I hate though is when I'm out (and lookin' mighty fiiine) and some girl has to make a comment. Yes, I'm aware I'm wearing a dress, and yes I'm aware that I look much more put together then you do. So back off. Kthanks.

I also want to mention that there is this awesome website called Rent the Runway where you can rent designer gowns for as low as $50. They also have jewelry that starts at $10. I'm definitely planning on using that site for a future night out and, if my husband gets his shiz together, a military ball. There's this gorgeous Badgley Mischka Screen Siren Gown that I am dying for. It reminds me of something Taylor Swift would wear, and I love her red carpet style.

Ok, that's all for now. I'm going to leave you guys with some pretty dresses to drool over and hopefully order for yourselves!
Whitman Red Dress  (this looks like a Victoria Beckham dress!)

And last but not least, this. I want this, I need this, I DIE for this. But alas, they're sold out. Omg, I need to find out if they're getting more or where else I could find something like this. 

High fashion sweats?

A huge part of me wants to try the sweatpants with heels look, but another part of me is screaming, "You'll look like the biggest douche, knock it off". Maybe once I get my legs back to their pre-baby physique, I can give it a try. I guess we're all supposed to be on the lookout for "jweats" which are a jeans and sweats hybrid. Kinda like jeggings, but...sweats. Sounds weird, but also super comfy. Perfect for those weird "in-between" days where you don't want to get dressed, but you still want to look presentable. I found two pairs at F21, but the first pair looks like a geriatric version of mom jeans.
I feel like these would be super baggy in the crotch area which I'm not diggin'. I think I like these ones A LOT better, even though they're cotton and not denim. 
Ok, so what the hell are you supposed to wear with these? I think a monochromatic look would look awesome. I really love the dark gray platform heels that the store has paired with these. I really like this sequined top, it adds that little bit of sparkle that you would need to take from frumpy to fabulous.
Oooh, I love this top! The sparkly little bow is absolutely adorable. Plus, it's got the stripes which I love. It would look awesome in either the red or the navy blue.

Now, onto the shoes. Honestly, I'd stick with these gray platform pumps. You don't want to go too crazy with your shoes, keep the pants the main focus point. And please, don't buy these in red and think you can wear them if you buy that bow top in red. No, just don't.

hey guys...

Alright, so I'm not the most computer savvy person, and I don't really have a whole bunch of time to sit around and play with this, but I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm going to be working on the blog and cleaning up the site a bit today. I apologize for the messy shoe thread below, I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to insert links, and then it kept breaking my html codes. Super frustrating! I'm going to tweak the logo a bit and try to change some stuff around so just bear with me, mmkay? I'll get as much done as Liam allows, and once Jason is home, I'll dink around a bit more.

'Tis all, carry on. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

shoes, shoes, shoes!

Soooo...hi. :) I've been totally MIA for the past few months. Having a baby kinda takes any spare time off your hands. He's so worth it though, I love that little stink buns more than anything in this world.

*I've been working on the links forever, and can't figure this out. If you click on them, the link won't work, but if you right click and select the "Go to www....", that will take you to the link.

Anyways, after yet another person told me I should start a fashion blog, I decided to try and pick back up where I left off before. FTR, I still want that taco coin purse. Heh. As always, I promise to only post things that my frugal fashionistas can afford. If I can't buy it, then I won't post it. Promise.

So here's where we begin today-shoes. It's autumn in upstate New York and you know what that means! New shoes for all! Jason's mom took me to Ross while we were in Cali, and she bought me three new pairs of shoes. A pair of over the knee boots, some lace up booties, and a pair of brown leather clogs. I'd take pictures of the actual shoes, but finding other pairs online is much more fun. Get your own pair! ;)

I'll break this down into different styles so it's somewhat organized. Let's start off with boots. Boots without heels to be exact. I buy two pairs of slouchy flat boots every season because I wear them so much. The salt from the roads up here has officially ruined my two favorite pairs, so I'm on the hunt for new ones. I usually get them from Charlotte Russe since they're always have shoe specials like buy one pair, get the other for $10. So I can usually get two pairs of boots for under 50 buckaroos. SCORE! These are $30 and their current special is B1 G1 for $15, so that's $45 plus tax for two pairs of boots that I promise you'll wear all. the. time.

Ok, now onto boots with a heel. I'm going to stick with CR just because of the awesome deal they've got going on now. My two favorite looks are the over the knee sex kitten vibe, and the super badass motorcycle inspired look with plenty of hardware. This first pair is more of a "bootie" and would have to be paired with tights for those of us in the cold weather climates, but they're pretty bomb nonetheless!

I just picture myself sitting on a bench reading some intellectual book wearing these for some reason. Yeah, ok, moving on...

My sex kitten boots, or my f**k me boots...

Rawr. These are thigh highs so a little harder to pull off (literally?), but c'mon, these babies scream sex.

Not feeling so brave? Alright, try these:

I found this awesome pair of Steve Madden booties last year, and I should have snatched them up when I had the chance. Unfortunately, beer money was more important than a new pair of shoes, so I went that route. They were suede, peep toe, and had a little ruffle going down the center of the shoe. They were beyond adorable and I still search for them when I'm at DSW. I've had no luck so far. Oh's the next best thing.

Whomever invented the bootie should be sainted. I cannot express how much I love these shoes. They're just...perfect.

Ok, onto clogs. I just read in my Glamour that Michael Kors (ahhhhhh) himself recommends that every woman try a pair of clogs this season. Just don't pair them with neon tights. Yep, that's what he said! I wore mine with rolled (not cuffed) skinnies and though I looked pretty dern tootin' cute. My pair kinda looks like these, but they're more of a suede material. Which reminds me, I NEED to waterproof all my shoes this year!

Flats? Yes please. I live in my dusty rose metallic ballet flats (that's a mouthful) from Old Navy. I bought 'em while I was preggers and they expanded to fit my swollen fit, yet still fit me now. They're perfect with my skinnies and a little cardigan. I feel very Audrey Hepburn when I put them on. These are my new favorite, the color is perfect and the gold ribbon piping is so pretty. I'm hoping they still have these in stock come payday, so I can snatch them up.

These shoes make my toesies all warm just by LOOKING at them! Ahh, love these. I've had my eye on 'em since I saw them on the commercial! And hello...BOGO? Yessss.

Alright, now we've got heels (I'm almost done, swear). Heels are my fun shoe. A shoe that I can be totally outrageous and all Gaga-esque in (although, I'm not down with the meat shoe, just sayin').

A new take on an old classic:

I just died. I NEED these.

Ok, and here are my two randoms. How do ya feel about sparkly oxfords? I saw them in my Glamour mag and I wouldn't be able to pull them off because of my sasquatch feet, but for those of you blessed with a cute little size 7's, I think you should give them a shot. Ahhh, I want to cry because I want these so bad.

Alright, and last but not least, RAIN BOOTS! I'm going to buy a pair and wear them outside and CARRY my nice shoes in my bag. That way I won't ruin another pair of beloved slouchy boots.

The bootie shown above is a SM Dahlia Bootie from DSW.