Thursday, July 25, 2013


I found this top at Wet Seal the other day, and I'm not sure if my impending birthday made me want to buy a crop top or if I just fell in love with the polka dots, but either way, it made its way into my bag. It was blistering hot when I originally wore it, and I paired it with high-waisted black shorts, but I thought the rolled up jeans gave it more of a laid-back vibe (which is what I've totally been feeling since I've been sick for a week straight).

It's super loose and really comfortable, so it's perfect for those days (like today, obviously) where you don't really feel like getting dressed.

(I'm trying out a new way to get pictures taken, so forgive the amateur shots for now)

{top}: Wet Seal
{jeans}: AE
{necklace}: Forever 21

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