Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"Fashions fade, but style is eternal"
                                                        -Yves Saint Laurent

When I hear this quote, there is ONE style icon that comes to mind here and I'm sure my fellow fashionistas would agree with me...

You can't even tell that this pic was taken in the 50/60's! She is the epitome of classic. You can never go wrong with ballet flats, a bike, and a little dog!

So today, I want to talk about the classic pieces that every woman should have in her "big girl closet". These are items that should be splurged on (or inherited from mom/grandma), but I'm still going to keep each piece under $50. It's still possible to look classy without spending a fortune, but keep in mind that these are things that will be in your wardrobe FOR. EV. ER. so it's alright to spend a bit more on them! Think of how many times you'll use them mixed and matched into your trendier pieces!

Let's start with a piece that I'm pretty sure ya'll already have, but just in case you don't, we'll cover it. The white button-up (or button-down, whichever way you choose to dress yourself). Express makes AMAZING business casual clothing (as well as trendier pieces), and while they tend to cost a little more, the quality is worth it. Get one in white, and if you can afford it, get one in black too-I was searching for a plain black button up at our mall here and couldn't find one ANYWHERE. I had found the cayutest gold skirt that would have looked so adorable with a plain black button up. Boo.

Next up is the trench coat. Preferably in camel (that's my fave), but black or brown will work just as well. There's something about the contrast of the camel and the black buttons that makes me swoon. You can be wearing a hole-y t-shirt underneath it and no one would know you're a hot mess. Or, you could go the naughty route and wear it with nothing but your heels. Your choice.

Some of my all time favorite pieces in my closet are my cardigans; they're so simple, yet can really pull together a look. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing one today (probably my favorite one). Paired with a longer tank, skinnies, and boots, I actually look human. It's quick and easy-and you can get them for a freakin' steal at Old Navy! Target has some really soft ones too-I looooove the ones from Targe Boutique! ;)

Obviously it goes without saying that every woman should have a pair of dark denim jeans and black dress pants in their closet (although I obviously fail at both of those since I don't have either), and I'm sure a lot of you (especially if you have jobs) have those. Ya'll know where to get jeans and pants that fit you, so I don't really need to go into too much depth there.

Personally, I can never have too many basic tees. I just found an amazing fit at Target. They're the Mossimo women's crew neck tees and they fit so PERFECTLY! They're a little stretchy, but made from a super soft material, so you don't feel like you're stuffed into it. I plan on going back and buying a few more in white and olive green (this season's hottest neutral, btw).

A little black dress should be securely stored in your closet. You never know when you'll be asked on a last minute dinner date, or when you can't find anything in the stores to wear to an event (which literally JUST happened to me). Find something with clean lines and that isn't too short, but is still a little "sexy". Ultimately, this is going to be your "go to" piece, so make sure you love it and you're comfortable in it.

Here are a few more pieces that can be added as you go:
-Classic black pumps
-"24 hour bag"-something that can take you from day to night and isn't too big or too small
-A proper fitting suit
-A neutral printed scarf
-Black and brown belts
-A fitted blazer
-A fun/sparkly/ruffly/metallic tank/tee to wear under your blazer that can help you go from work to cocktails in less than 5 seconds.
and last but not least...

pearls, big sunglasses, and breakfast.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whoa, it's been awhile!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks/months around the L household! The hubster came home from the 'Ghan and then we took a week to head back to the good ol' Midwest. I'm FINALLY getting a moment to sit down and think about what I want to blog about now and in the future. I need to find the discipline to keep up with this beast, I'm totally not willing to just let it go! Buuuut, it is a matter of finding the time with a toddler (who, btw, knows his ABC's already as well as his numbers 1-10!) and a house that needs constant upkeep! I'm also working on an Etsy shop, once I master some crafts, so that's going to hopefully take up even MORE time and bring in some revenue for me! We'll see!

I figured since it's been so long, I'd do a celebrity inspired look. I luuuurve doing those, and since they're fairly easy, it's a good way to slip back into things around here.

Ya know who's cute? Kristen Cavallari. Srsly. She's just adorable, and has KILLER style.

 I am uhhh-bsessed with this pleated leather mini look, hell, I would love it even if it WASN'T leather! It was NEARLY impossible to find a similar skirt, but after much "Bing Shopping", I found one! And get this, it's only $24! Granted, it's a lighter brown, but it'll do! Now obviously, it's not REAL leather, but it's still super duper adorbs! You can find it here, it's from a nifty little shop called Venus!

For the top, you could definitely just use a white button up from your closet, or you could find something a little more flowy and in something other than cotton. I have a really cute satin-y type top that would work perfectly if it wasn't a crop top (damn crop tops). I like this billowy button up from GoJane. They have some really cute stuff there! You could also get it in the blue color, add a little color, that'd be puuuuurty!

I love the bootie with skirt combo she's rockin' too. Can this girl do no wrong? You can go so many different ways with your shoes too if you aren't comfortable with booties (in that case, check out my bootie tutorial right here)! I'm kinda in love with these Studded Peep-Toe Booties from Charlotte, but if you aren't comfortable with those, you can pretty much rock anything. Seriously, even a pair of nude patent flats would be totally cute. There's even a pair of spikey heels that are similar! Can you tell I'm diggin' the tough/soft contrast with the bows and the studs? Orrrrr, you can go with a platform pump in any fun color (assuming you go with the white top)!

Kristen appears to be carrying a simple Chanel quilted bag, but if you're like me and your budget doesn't allow for those types of designer duds, Forever 21 has a pretty awesome "inspired" style. Check it out here. Otherwise, rock your own shoulder strap bag, and hit the town!

That's all for tonight, this daylight savings time is really kicking my rear!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A smorgasbord...

...of my current infatuations.

1. The Muppets Collection by OPI...these colors are to. die. for. I've been looking for the perfect glittery polish to pair with my new fall clothes and I think I found it in "Warm and Fozzie" (like that cuddly Fozzie bear). It is the most purrrrr-fect bronze glitter shade. I'm also pretty obsessed with "Rainbow Connection" not only because it's my favorite lullaby to sing to my little nugget, but because it literally has every color in it. I think it's perfect for your holiday toes. So above and beyond...
Top row, L-R: Animal-listic, Meep-Meep-Meep, Pepe's Purple Passion, Wocka Wocka!, Designer, de Better!, Warm and Fozzie
Bottom row, L-R: Rainbow Connection, Excuse Moi!, Gone Gonzo, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Divine Swine, Gettin' Miss Piggy With It
(Special thanks to The Queen of the Nail for this info!)
2. Payless's new collection of Fall booties: ZOMG...I am loving Payless this season! Their Fioni brand has some of the most stylish and affordable shoes which I am totally diggin'. I am particularly obsessed with the Tenley Lace Up Wedge Boot-it is the best camel color that will go so well with aaaaanything. I want to tuck these into my skinnies and pair them with an oversize sweater. A big, cozy, cream colored sweater.

3. Missoni for Target. 'Nuff said.

4. I'm always on the hunt for new lingerie-don't judge, it makes me feel shmexy. Forever 21 actually has a pretty adorable selection-it's girlie without being trashy (which, sometimes trashy is nice, but not for all occasions) and it's affordable! I'm particularly in love with this Sheer Floral Print Robe, and I absolutely luuuurve the frilly sleeves. So cute.

Well that's it for tonight-I'm gonna finish my Summer Shandy, watch the end of "Just Friends" and then hit the hay. I am exhaaaaausted! Night night my lusties!



Thursday, September 8, 2011

My love for TJ Maxx...

I was always thoroughly disappointed with the Home Goods store in Burnsville (which was a bummer since it was basically in my backyard), so when I came back to New York, I didn't have much hope for the TJ Maxx in Wtown.

*Before I continue, for those of you who aren't familiar with TJ Maxx or Home Goods (they're the same store basically), they're like a Marshall's or Ross. Name brands for less basically.*

Aaaanyways, I went there yesterday out of sheer boredom, and happened upon racks and racks of gorgeous clothes. They had a lot of pretty coats too, which means I'll have to go back and check out the selection when it comes time to select one.

I'm not sure if you're aware, but I have a serious love/hate relationship with crop tops. I just can't figure out how to make them look right on my body and kinda feel like I'm a little too old for them. With that being said, I DO own two (that happen to be from Ross and TJ Maxx), and while I was perusing the racks yesterday, I fell in love with two shirts only to realize that they happened to fall into the "top that has been cropped" category. I was bummed but decided to try them on regardless since I liked the way they looked on the hanger. Tried them on and...AHHHHHH (angels singing)! They're gorgeous! I think they're perfect for a laid back Fall look and can take me into the Winter months as well.

So are you ready to see some looks I've put together with my new tops? Are you super excited? :-D

Now keep in mind that this is all stuff from my closet, and I can guarantee you that I bought most of it for under $25...

Look #1: This one is definitely more casual and perfect for a day spent sipping apple cider and taking hayrides!
Sweater: Aphorism from TJ Maxx-ONLY $16.99!
Jeans: &Denim by H&M (they are a couple years old but an AWESOME gray denim)
Tank top (worn underneath sweater): Zenana Outfitters from TJ Maxx (I'm pretty sure I paid like $4.99 for this too)
Scarf: Charlotte Russe bought 2-3 years ago
Flats: Old Navy-seriously, BEST PLACE EVER to buy affordable and stylish (and super comfy once you wear 'em in) flats!
Simple and cute, right?

Look #2: This one is better suited for a girl's night out type of event. The shirt is definitely dressier because of it's "satiny" look (although it's polyester). Since it is a little sheer, pair it with a cami underneath.
Blouse: Mimi Chica from TJ Maxx-and only $12.99!
Jeans: Same as above
Booties: Dollhouse from Ross-and they were only $19.99-BTW...Ross has the most EPIC selection of shoes. It's seriously amazeballs.
Earrings: Forever 21-probably about $4.80 or so
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe-Christmas gift from my mom, but I think they were like $8.50


close up of the purrrty jewelry (I need to invest in a better camera, my iPhone doesn't do these looks justice)


And since I just got back from H&M (ok, a couple days ago), I wanted to share just one more outfit that was styled totally by H&M apparel-well, besides the shoes and jewelry. And if my memory serves me correctly, the whole outfit (just the clothing) was under $75!

Look #3: I call this my date night/"Oh you want to go out NOW giving me only 10 minutes notice? And we're going to dinner at the new wine bar and then to the comedy club? Ok, give me a minute" look.
Tank top (which is a suuuper pretty rust color): H&M-$7-freaking-95! Shut the front door.
Blazer: H&M-$19.99 (I'm not joking)
Scarf: H&M-$12.95
Jeans: H&M-same as above
Earrings: Forever 21-probably about $4.80 again
Cuff-Charlotte Russe-$6.50 or so
Shoes: I bought those puppies at Target FOREVS ago and I think I got them on clearance for under $20.


So there you have it, I've expressed my undying love for TJ Maxx. And H&M, but I think we already had that covered. Remember that stores have BRAND NEW selections for Fall, so grab a friend and make a day of it.

Happy Shopping!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Booties-a tutorial!

It's come to my attention that a certain pair of footwear causes panic in some people. You see them, you love them, and so you buy them. But when you get home, you realize you have NO idea how to wear them. Welp, have no fear, Fashion Lust is here to help you out. I've put together a few "sets" from Polyvore to help show you the NUMEROUS ways that booties can be worn. No matter if you're having drinks at a swanky downtown bar or perusing the farmer's market, you CAN wear them and ROCK them. It just takes a little courage, a little creativity, and that awesome "I'm hot and I know it" attitude that all my lusties have in common. Muah! Enjoy!




Thursday, August 4, 2011

Calling all my lusties!

I'm looking for a way to be more interactive with my followers, so I'm reaching out to ya'lls (it it ya'lls or just ya'll? I'm not from the South, so I'm not sure the correct usage of that)!

I'm looking for pictures of YOU! Being stylish, rocking your favorite outfit (past or present), or just pictures of things that you find lustful. Remember, around these parts, we love a good bargain, so try and keep that in mind! If I get enough entries (or even ANY), I'll post them and do a "follower spotlight" of sorts. So get to work and e-mail me at: fashionlustrocks@gmail.com with your entries! Make sure you write a little something about your outfit/find too so we know where to find the pieces!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's been awhile...

Wow, I didn't realize it had been that long since I've updated, but I guess life has a funny way of passing you by when you're not really paying attention. I've been so busy with the everyday mundane tasks of holding down the fort and raising a child, that I kinda had to put FL to the side. I really want to be back at least part time, but it's getting to be crunch time for me-preparing for our vow renewal and my hubs' HOMECOMING-but I could at least try to post 1-2 times a week!

I've been struggling with my wardrobe lately. I just turned 25 and I feel like a lot of my clothes and the stores I shop at are a bit too young for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, but when I'm 10 years older than every other shopper there, it's hard to feel like I'm wearing age appropriate clothing, know what I mean?

The thing I love about H&M is that it's affordable. You can buy TONS of basics (like tanks, tees, henleys, even dresses) for under $10. Their sales are amazing and their clothes are right on trend. I love that a lot of their apparel can be worn casually, at the office, and at night. One piece can take you from the office to cocktails which I think is super important. I really wish they'd update their website to allow you to shop online-the nearest H&M in NY is in Syracuse, which is over an hour away. I suppose it's worth it though, and I can make a few trips there a year to stock up. Here's some stuff I'm diggin' for fall:
Cardigan-$24.95-I love how fitted and warm this looks. I need a nice "sturdy" cardigan for Fall, and this would look super adorable with a white tank, brown belt, and my faaaabulous zip up boots.
Blouse-$24.95-How CUTE is this?! I like the black and white polka dots, they'd look super cute paired with dark denim and some red flats-so very vintage!
Dress-$24.95-Ok, so this might be kinda hard to pull off, but ZOMG I think I neeeed this. It would look so freakin' adorable with some black leggings and boots. Or better yet, BOOTIES! If you go the bootie route, stick with tights (like thick ones), or just add some cute socks over your leggings. :)
Blazer-$59.95-The PERFECT herringbone blazer! How perfectly preppy is this?! The possibilites are endless with this piece and you can wear it SO many times-and it'll never go out of style! That's what is so great about spending a bit more on classic pieces. I'm picturing this with like a green and black striped tee. I'm not sure why, but I think it'd really pull off that "preppy" look. Or you could go in a total opposite direction and pair it with a flowy blouse and some delicate jewelry. Adorbs! <--Yep, I said it. New word alert!

Oh, and I can't pass up this little boy's cardigan (a freakin' STEAL at $6.95)! Oh my gosh, Liam would look so CUTE in this! Ahhhh....!

Alright, that's all for tonight, it's almost 10 pm which is like 2 am in old lady mom time. I'm glad to be back though and hopefully I can keep this puppy up! Don't forget to like FL on Facebook too! You can do that right...HERE!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colored Denim!

Celebs are rockin' this look everywhere you look. Leann Rimes (ugh, not a fan, but she's wearing them in the pic so I should give her credit where it's due), Whitney Port, and Cameron Diaz are all wearing a neutral peachy shade, while Anna Kendrick, Leann Rimes (again?!), and Ashley Greene wear them in green.

(Pics are courtesy of People Style Watch)

Surprisingly wearable, huh? Or are you still not convinced? I will say, I really like the minty color on Leann, they're definitely more subtle than the bright green or turquoise. The peach is more ready-to-wear as well, but I'm not sure if my peachy skin would look too hot with peach pants. I don't need flesh colored pants! ;)

I bought a pair of tuquoise jeans from H&M a few years ago, but they sat in my closet with the tags on FOREVER. I guess I just wasn't ready to brave the stares, but now I'm kicking myself for giving them away. I just didn't have the right resources to pull them off, and now that I do, I'm wishing I had them back!

I was browsing around Urban Outfitters and found a pair of colored denim in almost every single shade. They're all definitely more on the bright side, but I think they're perfect for a lunch date or a fun night out on the town. I'll pick two colors, a more understated pair, and a "louder" pair, and break it down for you, piece by piece. Enjoy!

Look #1: BDG Cigarette Mid-Rise Jean-Teal. Teal jeans are a perfect starting point because they're similar to regular denim, but they still have a tiny punch of color. Perfect for those who are a bit weary of the colored denim trend. Since I'm on a huge tribal print kick, I would pair it with this Striped Tribal Graphic Tank from Forever21. It's perfect and adds some much needed brightness to the jeans. Pair it with some tribal inspired accessories and you're set!

Look #2: BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean-Yellow. Now, yellow is a bit more "out there", but they're still totally wearable. I think these would be fun to just wear with a white tee or tank, but they're still super stylish paired with red or navy blue. You could also be SUPER daring and wear them with another bright color like purple. I really like all the colors on this Patch Pocket Satin Tank from Charlotte Russe. You could definitely wear this with the yellow pants as well as your regular jeans. I'm thinking some clear lucite jewelry with this (like a chunky necklace) and some black heels for a night out on the town. Purrrrfect.

Well, there ya have it. I hope I've given you the courage to try this trend, and if not, at least you got some online shopping in!


Monday, June 13, 2011

It's been awhile, my friends...

Holy wowzers, I've been slacking on my posts! Inspiration just hasn't been hitting me lately, even though I've bought the newest issues of In Style and People Style Watch. It's a bummer!

It's also been cold here, which doesn't help the whole Summer vibe. When I say cold, I'm talking mid-60's. That is NOT acceptable in June. Mother Nature needs to get her shizz together and realize that it's time for at least low-80's.

I'll tell you what I've been obsessed with lately...sundresses. I found the CUTEST, most adorable, 50's inspired sundress at Marshall's the other day, but it didn't fit me right (welcome to post-pregnancy, where nothing fits you anymore because your bod bod is shaped all funky). It was red with white polka dots on it. The front had a little "collar" type thing on the bust, along with three buttons. It would have been perfect for sipping Cokes down by the river-because I do that so often. I wish it would have fit.

Whenever I go shopping, I look for something that has a unique pattern to it. I'm sick of wearing solid colored sundresses, I want something with PIZZAZ! This Ikat Print Drawstring Dress ($19.80) from Forever 21 is sooo pretty and such a refreshing print. I love the orange and gray together, it just looks so right!

Tribal prints are really catching my eye tonight, and I think of all the fun possibilites for accessories. This Electric Tribal Dress ($19.80) also from Forever 21 isn't for the weak, but doesn't it make you happy just by looking at it?

Ok, I have a confession to make. I was going to hold it in, but I can't. I have a dirty little secret sitting in a plastic H&M bag on my bedroom floor. I bought a pair of high waisted khaki shorts. I was worried that I might look like a Jersey girl straight outta an 80's rom com, but they're surprisingly modern when paired with the appropriate top! I changed out of my jammies just to take a picture for all you lusties so you can see. I paired mine with a plain white tank from Target and a gold and turquoise necklace from F21. I did buy a cream colored tank from H&M that says, "Here Comes Trouble" in gold sequins, but didn't feel that snazzy tonight. ;)

(Please excuse my dirty mirror, I am the SLOPPIEST person when it comes to brushing my teeth, toothpaste seems to end up everywhere)

So there we have it. My newest fashion risk. I'm trying to buy new things "outside the box" this Summer and H&M is definitely the place to go. They have so many inexpensive pieces (their bikini separates start at like $4.98 which is a freakin' STEAL) that you can mix and match all Summer long! Check them out and try some new stuff, what can it hurt?

Alrighty, I'm donezo for the night. I need to hit the hay, I have so much wedding planning to do this week that I can't even think straight!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skirts-a set from Polyvore

There's nothing better than making a Polyvore on a rainy, dreary day. Granted, I'm usually drooling over the ridiculously priced tops and shoes, but they do have a nice selection of under $50 goods. I happened to come across some super cute skirts and thought I'd share them with you. Take a looksie, then we'll discuss...

Richard Chai Love print skirt
$45 - lespommettes.com

Neon skirt
$35 - delias.com

Dorothy Perkins stripe skirt
30 GBP - dorothyperkins.com

Miss Selfridge coral skirt
22 GBP - missselfridge.com

Dorothy Perkins floral print skirt
15 GBP - dorothyperkins.com

What do ya think? Luuuurve? Loathe? Spill it. What would you pair 'em with? I think the first one would look super adorable with a turquoise/aqua/teal tank. Definitely gotta keep it simple with that one! I think something unexpected with the second one would be ideal, I am digging the pattern on it, but I feel like some yellow and ruffles could really spice it up a bit. Yes? That Richard Chai skirt used to be $385 and now it's only $45-INSANITY! I think you could add any colored silky cami to it and a pair of killer heels. The pattern is crazy on it, so you've gotta keep it simple up top. And I just love the color of the last one, I'm obsessed with coral and turquoise this season. I pair them together constantly, so I'd probably add another silky cami in that color with it and add some gold jewelry. All set!

I'm off for the day, gonna spend some time with my momma. Hopefully the weather is nicer for you guys than it is here! Adios!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's WEDDING season!

With June right around the corner, that means you've probably got at least one wedding to attend. Thing is, with weddings usually come showers, rehearsal dinners, and bachelorette parties. And  there's a different dress code for each of those (well, you MIGHT be able to get away with wearing the same thing to the shower and the rehearsal dinner but where's the fun in that?). Fear not, I'm here with your cheat sheet and a few suggestions. Read on my lusties and prepare to be amazed (dramaaaatic, I'm aware)!


The bridal shower: I had a shower for one of my BFF's today and wore a really cute outfit. It was a white skirt with light brown and navy blue stripes, a navy v-neck, and a white and brown belt. Very appropriate and perfect for today's icky weather (it rained ALL DAY-blech). I think skirts are the way to go when it comes to showers, you can dress them down with a t-shirt and cardigan for a casual setting, or pair them with a fabulous blouse for a dressier venue. While I love "body-con" skirts, leave those for a night out with the girls, remember Grandma will probably be there, don't make her blush. This Bustle Back Chiffon skirt ($24.99) from Charlotte Russe is super cute, just make sure it's long enough. I would wear it with a plain colored tee and a black belt. This Fierce Fashion Braided Belt is purrrrrfect. Throw on some flat black sandals (or wedges if you don't have super long legs like moi) and you're all set. For me, it's all about keeping it simple and "fresh" for showers. I like to leave all the flash and focus for the bride. Now, if you're not comfortable wearing a skirt (I know plenty of people who aren't), stick with some neutral dress pants. Honestly, I'm not a fan of black pants (I think they're soooo overdone), but I love a nice pair of tan/white pinstriped slacks-and yes, I just used the word "slacks". These Striped Wide Waistband Editor Pants from Express are a little more pricey (they're $69.90), but it's worth the extra couple of bucks. You can wear them time and time again, and you never know when you might need a pair of dress pants! Tuck in this Ruffle Button-Front Tank (I love it in the violet) also from Express and you are SET! If you need shoes, these T-Strap Woven Wedges from CR are a steal and you'll DEF wear them again!

The rehearsal/groom's dinner: This is the time to be a bit more conservative, especially if the rehearsal is in a church. If it's an outdoor/beach wedding or something more non-traditional, feel free to go strapless or sleeveless. Here's where I'd prefer to be a little dressier, and wear a dress. Once again, don't upstage the bride, and keep it simple and fresh. I'm in LOVE with this Tiered Accordian Pleat Dress from CR, it's a gorgeous color and will look beautiful with a cream or black blazer over it (while you're in the church, feel free to lose it after the rehearsal). Keep your accessories simple, I'd wear my pearl studs and a fun bracelet, and let the dress kinda speak for itself. Some embellished flat sandals like these Strappy Rosette Flat Sandals also from CR finish off your look. If you want something brighter (and for a more non-traditional venue), this B Darlin Dress from Macy's is a lot of fun. Punch up the accessories (I'd go with some chandelier earrings) and pair it with some funky heels. As always, be aware of the venue and dress accordingly, you can dress up or down each dress, just change your shoes, hairstyle, and accessories-the hot pink dress can be worn with some tribal bangles and flat sandals to dress it down, and the accordian dress can be paired with silver earrings, a wristful of silver bangles, and silver heels to dress it up. Play around with the looks and have fun!

3. The bachelorette party: This is the fun part. Feel free to "slut it up a little" (those are my husband's words, NOT mine) if you're heading out for a night of debauchery, but remember there may be moms and grandmothers in attendance, so make sure your lady bits are covered at all times. Make sure that the bride doesn't have an specific requests for what you wear as well, my bride wants us in black and pink for her party, but I've seen a wide array of different outfit combos. I wore red for mine and let everyone wear whatever they wanted, but it's always best to ask if there's a "theme" to follow. My favorite place to find going out dresses is Arden B. Lately, since my bod bod is all weird shaped from weight loss (goodbye tummy, hello hips-how is ANYTHING supposed to fit?!), I've had a hard time fitting into their stuff, but it's still SUPER ADORABLE. Again, and I know I've said this a trillion times already, but DON'T UPSTAGE THE BRIDE. Neva, eva, eva. Let her shine. I know you'd look to die for in that sequin tube dress, but wear that on YOUR special day. This Embellished One Shoulder Dress from Arden B is super adorable and would fit perfectly with my friend's black and pink theme! Notice how it's tight, but not too revealing. This Ombre One Shoulder Dress is soooo purty. I love the color effect on it. AND it's on sale! Woop woop. I think you kinda catch my drift here, slip on a slinky little cocktail dress, some heels and killer jewelry, and go have fun! Buy that bride a shot or two. ;)

Alright, before I go, I wanted to post an invitation dress code decoder for those of you who are dumbfounded when you see "white tie" at the bottom of the invite (BTW, lucky you if you get invited to one of those-you must be some sort of VIP, or you got invited to some celeb's wedding)!

I found this really great article from eHow, and his has a lot of great advice. Always remember a couple things before you choose your outfit:
a. Season: Obviously, a short, strapless cocktail dress isn't the most appropriate thing to wear to a winter wedding, and a velvet dress isn't going to be too comfortable during the summer.
b. Time of Day: Usually day weddings (esp if they're outside) are going to be more casual, you can get away with wearing a sundress.
c. Any wishes of the Bride and/or Groom (like religious or theme): I'm not big on the religious protocol when it comes to weddings, but make sure that you're following the rules of the church or the couple's family. Always ask if you're unsure. It's better to be safe than sorry.

I once went to a wedding where people were wearing their clothes from earlier in the day (I'm talking too-big t-shirts and dirty jeans) and others were wearing their prom dresses-YES. Full length, princess style prom gowns. Talk about upstaging the bride! Call me a 'zilla, but if someone pulled that stunt, I'd make them go home and change. NOT appropriate.

You Look Fab breaks down every type of dress code you might come across and will even tell you specifically what to wear. Awesome!

Alrighty, that's all for me. Hopefully this helped you out and gave you a couple ideas! Enjoy wedding season, this may or may not be my favorite time of the year. ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celeb Inspirations: Reese Witherspoon

Celebs. How do they always manage to look so chic when they're "just running errands"? I suppose if I constantly had the paps following me, I'd always try to look my best. No more ponytails, yoga pants, and visible zits! Ha. Anywhooo, I love Reese's laid back look here, especially with the rolled chinos. She's got a Chloe bag and sandals on, and I'm pretty sure that both of those would cost the equivalent of like three month's rent for me. Let's see if we can do it up for less.

I can't really tell what kind of shirt she's wearing, but it looks like a laid back white cotton shirt. I like that this Slub-Knit Tee  from Old Navy is airy enough, but still looks pull together enough to wear in public (plus, it's only like $17 bucks!). Keeping it all at ON, pick up a pair of these Cropped Khakis for only $19.50! I really like the "peaches and cream" color, but that's not what Miss Witherspoon is wearing. Charlotte Russe has a lot of awesome shoes, and these Double Band Cork Wedge Sandals are only $25! I just wish the heel wasn't so high...le sigh...when your husband is the same height as you, wearing heels kinda goes out the window. Alright, we're barely at $50, so let's add the bag and be done! Have I ever mentioned how much I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve Target?! It's kinda sad, I was there today and a lady asked if I knew where the shaving cream was, and I knew exactly where to tell her to go. Which aisle number and everything. Puh-thetic. But when you have a screaming toddler and aren't quite sure what else to do, Target is ALWAYS a good idea. ;) Anyways, they've got some killer bags this season, and I'm a big fan of this Merona Crossbody purse. I love that the straps are adjustable so you can either wear it crossbody or shorten the straps and wear it on your shoulder. Remember, that's at Target, and it's only $24.99!

There you have it, lusties. This is a look that pretty much anyone can pull off at any budget! Remember, make it your own!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh boy...

Oh my lusties! How I've missed you! It's funny how life can kinda overwhelm you a bit and you lose track of time. I have been SO insanely busy with Liam and preparing for R&R that I've abandoned you all.


Sweet. I PROMISE I'll be back up in a couple weeks once things start settling down a little bit. Until then, check out a few of my favorite things and discuss amongst yourselves.

Green drop earrings seen on Eva, Hillary, and Reese. I especially LURVE Eva's. Jeesh, she's hot.

Green jeans on Anna, LeAnn, and Ashley. I really love the color of LeAnn's, but I'm not a fan of homewrecking, so I'm gonna pretend someone else is wearing those. ;)

Mixing prints on Amber, Kelly, and Selita. I LOVE Kelly's look-and it's all stuff from Macy's (well it's Madonna's daugter, Lourdes' line) Material Girl line! Super affordable!

Go check out People's Style Watch website for more fun looks!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick FYI...

My super awesome brother is working on a new header for me, so that will be up soon.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let's talk MAXI! Maxi dresses are baaack!

Alright, I understand that not all my readers are able to wear these lovely creations, but since it is Spring (woot!), I felt the need to dedicate a post to my favorite warm weather staple. Maxi dresses are the purrrfect thing to wear when it's freakin' sweltering outside. They're airy and flowy, without showing too much. I lived in these suckers when I was pregnant, and they were SO comfortable. My vow to myself this year is to buy more (haha, awesome promise, my hubs will appreciate that), but NOT only buy them in solid colors. I want one either purple or cobalt dress, but after that, I'm all about the hippie/boho vibe. I'm thinking of throwing a tie-dye one in there as well, we'll see what I come across. Alright, let's shop, shall we?!

Once again, Lulu's has a huge selection of maxi dresses. Some are more on the "daring" side (hell-o, sheerness!), but most of them are pretty tame and totally wearable. It looks like my tie-dye dream came true, because I stumbled across this Billabong Rio Dress. Billabong is the epitome of surfer-cool-chic, so you really can't go wrong here.

Forever 21 is having a Yellow Tag Sale on this Tribal Maxi Dress-it's only $12.40! I lurrrve the design on it, it's so boho and bright. So cheerful! It also comes in a blue and purple pattern.

Charlotte Russe's Tropical Chiffon Maxi Dress reminds me of a mermaid. The mix of turquoise, purple. and red makes me feel like I'm looking at some tropical lagoon. I can feel the breeze now...(give me a moment)

Ok. This dress is beautiful. I love everything about it; the pattern, the color, the sweetheart neckline, everything.

I love Love Culture, do you? So many cute clothes! I love the simple cut of this Belted Tribal Maxi Dress-it's a simple tank dress and it's belted! So adorable. There's something about the print that makes it really wearable too, I love the colors!

Alright, one more dress, and even though this one isn't patterned, I'm in luh-uh-uh-uhve! Have you checked out ASOS yet? They have the cuuutest clothes, and even though some of them are insanely out of reach budgetwise, they have a TON of affordable pieces too. This Vera Moda Knitted Urban Maxi Dress is so chic and low-key. I love the belt that's with it and can totally see it paired with a long, vintagey necklace. Swoooon.

Remember to keep your accessories "natural". This Sequined Basketweave Beach Bag would look great with any of the styles and it's perfect for the beach! Throw in your sunscreen, towel, iPod, and water, and you're set! A wooden bangle like this Paneled Wooden Bracelet would work well with all the dresses. A simple pair of sandals (NOT flip flops) will complete the look.

I hope all you warm weather ladies are soaking up the sun for me! We're slowly getting warmer, it's been in the upper-40's here lately! Woo-hoo, I can see Spring!