Friday, August 10, 2012

New shoes!

I love Fall, although I'm usually over it after I've worn all my new clothes. That "new school clothes" high doesn't usually last very long, especially when the cold weather starts creeping in. I love layering though, and get really excited when I get to pull my scarves out of their Summer coma, so I suppose I can handle the dipping temperatures (I am a born and bred Minnesotan, after all)!

One of my favorite things to buy for Fall are shoes. I can safely say that boots are my favorite Fall shoe, and once I can no longer get away with going sock-less, I turn to my trusty leather boots. I wear them every single day and have a wide array of styles. I've got my super cozy Emu's, my sassy knee-high heels, and my tried-and-true leather zip-ups.

This post isn't about boots though (but that will come soon, promise), it's about my other love, the flat. I religiously purchase Old Navy's ballet flats each year (not by choice, I have to, they get eaten by a dog every. single. year.) and pretty much wear them with everything. They're so incredibly versatile, and are super comfy after you get them broken in. 

This season, I'm really excited to try out a new favorite trend-the loafer. I love the whole menswear-inspired trend that is sweeping the fashion world, and this is something I can totally incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. Target has the most affordable styles and the cutest prints I've seen around. For $19.99-$24.99, you can buy a few pairs without totally breaking the budget! I bought the Mossimo Black Vianca Tuxedo Loafer in black and am already in love. They also come in animal print, burgundy, and metallic (which are SUPER sparkly). I think I'm going back for the leopard ones-so chic! You can also choose from snake print, plaid, and houndstooth patterns-there's a loafer for every style. I also purchased a pink and brown pair with the cutest little tassels, but I can't find them online anymore. I snatched them up from Target at $9.99 on clearance-what a steal!

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What are some of your favorite shoe styles for fall? Are you a lover of all things sparkly and feminine or someone who likes the menswear look? Show me your faves!

Happy Walking!


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