Sunday, April 29, 2012

Copy It! Carrie Underwood Edition

I love everything about Carrie Underwood. Her make-up always looks flawless (she has the most perfect eye shape for smoky eyes), she has epic hair, and she's always a "do". Her stylist could definitely use a raise. ;)

I love how she's going back to her country roots in this outfit. It looks super comfortable, it's semi-cas, but it's also polished enough to wear in public (read: she doesn't look like a slob). And as always-her hair. is. amazeballs. 

SiriusXM in New York April 27, 2012
(Pic courtesy of StarStyleInc.)

I'm sure the majority of you have a top like that in your closet. Something a tad oversized, super comfortable, and in a neutral shade. I have an olive green one and a navy one (both from Old Navy, under $15) that would work perfectly. If you don't have anything similar, check out this one from F21-definitely throw a white or nude cami underneath since it's slightly sheer.

Find it here!

The key to her skirt is to find something loose fitting, hits above the knee, and is in a feminine floral pattern. Keep the colors light, anything neon or too bright will throw off the whole "country" vibe. This floral skirt from Delia*s is super pretty, I love the colors! I'm not super crazy about the waistband, but that can be covered up by the sweater.

Find it here!

Cowboy boots are supes easy to find, I found a pair at Vanity when I was browsing around the other day. And at $40, they are so affordable! The website seems to be running a little low on their stock, but my local store had a ton in, so if you have one nearby, check it out! I'd get them in brown too, seems a little more "Nashville" to me, if you catch my drift. ;)

Find them here!

And now the can pretty much wear whatever you want here. I like how she's got big earrings on, you can def pull them off as long as they're "natural" looking. Think wooden, hammered gold metal, and beads. She's also rocking a long necklace with a pretty pendant on it-go vintage if you can! Browse antique stores for a unique pendant and throw it on a long chain. 

All jewelry from F21.

Throw your hair in curlers, pin back your bangs (with a little pouf, of course), and you're set!

Rock it, girl!


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