Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guest Post: Ashley of Thrifty Little Pretties!

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you, I’m Ashley of Thrifty Little Pretties and longtime friend of CJ’s. I’m a serious fashion junkie on a serious budget and have a major love for re-purposing and reusing which is why I was so thrilled when I was asked to guest post here on Fashion Lust about my hobby. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes….shopping is a hobby. No….it’s not a problem.
Have you guys’ heard that new Mackelmore song – Thrift Shop? That ish is totally real life. I’m serious – every time I hear it I’m like, “That’s totally me”. With trends constantly being recycled I find it harder and harder to buy new when slightly used will do. Goodwill is where it’s at. Even if you prefer new over used, Goodwill has something for you, too! I promise. I’m actually gonna let you in on a little secret about Goodwill. They’re practically best friends with Target, which is amazing for us. All overstock and left over clearance items eventually make their way from Target’s shelves to Goodwill racks but at much better deals. And it’s not just the clothes. It’s the home decor, kitchen cookware, shoes – yes you read that right – shoes – and so much more!
Here are a few examples of the amazing brand new from Target items I’ve snatched up from my local Goodwill stores recently.

Like I said – they’re GREAT for not only clothing and shoes, but household items as well! All of these items still had their Target price tags on them even. And just to give you a ballpark idea of Goodwill’s prices – that lamp cost me $10 at Goodwill. The footstool? $10. Those snakeskin pumps? $2.99. Unbelievable, right? I know.
Tune in the first Thursday of every month for more guest posts from yours truly with more of my thrift store finds & thrifting tips and a little bit of DIY. You’ll also see some of my great finds from non-thrift stores.
Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to stop by my blog to see more of my thrifty finds!

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