Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pantone's Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report!

Reading this solidifies the fact that Spring is just around the corner! That means Spring Break, spring cleaning, springing forward, and spring babies at the zoo! Woo-hoo! There are many reasons why Spring is my favorite, but it's mostly because it means that Winter is over and I have 7-8 months to enjoy some sort of decent weather. Beyond all that though, (and probably the real reason) are the clothes. The shiny and new clothes. Each year, Pantone releases their Spring Color Report and it's filled with all things bright and beautiful (and should instantly cheer you up if you're as fashion obsessed as myself). You can see the full report here, but read on for a more in-depth look at the colors and some new pieces to incorporate into your Spring wardrobe!

That chart gives you a general idea of the colors, but I'll go more in depth with each color and give a brief description to help you along. They usually have the individual colors posted, but this year they did things a little differently and it was difficult to find the swatches. But that's ok, we'll just improvise, right? Right. 

1. Tangerine Tango
This was Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year. It's a beautiful reddish orange color that is sure to brighten up your wardrobe.

2. Solar Power
A bright and cheerful yellowy gold shade. This will definitely add a pop of color to your closet and will guarantee you stand out in a crowded room!

3. Bellflower
A delicate and soft purple. There's nothing "lavender" about this, so don't get it twisted; Bellflower can hold it's own against the blues and greens of the color world.

4. Cabaret
A punchy pink hue that adds an extra "oomphy" of girlyness to any wardrobe.

5. Sodalite Blue
The most perfectly preppy navy blue you've ever seen.

6. Margarita
Just like the drink-but without the hangover. A light and airy green.

7. Sweet Lilac
The perfect soft purpley-pink for Spring. 

8. Driftwood
A dark, muted gray that won't remind you of April showers. 

9. Starfish
Light brown is back! My new favorite neutral.

10. Cockatoo
A dark aqua shade that will remind you of crystal blue waters and skies.

What's your favorite? I really love Driftwood and Bellflower, although I think all the colors this season are gorg. 

The next couple posts, I'll focus more in depth on the colors and find some pieces to bring these colors to life. If you find anything on your own, feel free to share! Until then...happy shopping! 


  1. My goal this year is to add lots of color to my wardrobe. I've realized through doing my blog that I wear A LOT of brown, white & black. It's almost depressing and definitely boring!

    Gracias for your sweet comment & I am totally flattered that I am your first followed blog. I will totally do some guest posts & I promise to take real outfit pictures. Not dirty mirror ones in my living room or the bathroom at work. hahaha

  2. That's my goal too. I'm so much of a "neutral" gal, that I'm naturally drawn to whites, blacks, grays, and browns. I think a huge part of that is our weather-I know I'm more apt to dress "dreary" when it's crappy outside.

    And you are so very welcome! I really want to start doing daily outfit pics, but since I'm home with Liam all day, I'm usually in yoga pants and t-shirts-no one wants to see that! So yes, let me know when you have a good outfit and pic and I'll be sure to post it! :)