Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Copy her style!

Welp, she's not necessarily a "celebrity", but I think you'll agree with me that Pippa Middleton has KILLER style. I love that she keeps it classy, but still has fun with her looks (that you'll see in the first pic). She has an air of confidence about her which is so refreshing. So, without further ado, here is Miss Middleton in all her glory, enjoy! All photos are courtesy of InStyle. :)

Super easy look:
1. Black blazer
2. Neutral plaid shirt
3. Colored denim
4. Black boots
5. Black purse
6. Chic shades

Shall we?
1. Black blazer: These are SO easy to find. I got a cream colored one at H&M for $19.99. Love Culture has one for $27.90, you cannot beat that!

2. Neutral Plaid Shirt: Again, you can pretty much find these anywhere. I would try to find something that is fairly neutral so it's not competing with the jeans. Forever 21 has a plaid woven top for only $19.90. Total steal!

3. Colored Denim: Since this is such a hot trend right now, so many stores are carrying the colored denim. You can find them in almost any color, and Urban Outfitters has an awesome selection. They run a little bit more than what you may want to spend, but I think they're worth it. Remember, pair with neutrals, or you'll end up looking straight out of the 80's.

4. Black boots: I'm going to go ahead and assume that you already have a pair of these. They can be booties, knee highs, calf, whatevs. Throw 'em on. If you don't have a pair, ballet flats would look super cute too.

5. Black purse: Love Culture has the perfect slouchy black bag. I love the handle on the top and the zipper details.

6. Chic shades: You can really get away with anything here, but I'm just gonna say that I luuuuurve these shades from Mod Cloth. The shape is super funky, and I love the color of 'em. Scoop them up for only $11.99! Love it!

That'll do 'er for today, lusties.

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