Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Rent the Runway Experience!

You guize.
I just ordered two dresses from Rent the Runway and I am now madly in love with that service. Whoever though to rent out designer gowns to normal gals like me is a freaking genius. Genius, I say!

I couldn't decide which dress to order for my husband's Welcome Home Party, so I spent almost three days trying to find the perfect dress. Seriously, three days (which is pretty typical if you know the way I roll). I finally decided on a purple Herve Leger and a cream and silver Slate & Willow. 

Herv%E9%20L%E9ger - Purple%20Fusion%20SheathSlate%20%26%20Willow - Madeline%20Sheath
I didn't decide which dress I was wearing until about 15 minutes before we were set to leave. My hubs voted for the purple, but I fell in love with the delicate lace on the Slate & Willow. 

Ultimately, I went with the Herve, and here's why...

1) I felt like a freakin' BOMBSHELL in it. It sucks in everything, while still accentuating all your curves. I've been eating clean and working hard on that bod bod, so I really wanted to show it off. 

2. It was comfortable. The material was so stretchy that I felt like I was wearing a tank top and yoga pants all night. I could dance and walk around with ease, no pulling down or worrying my booty was showing.

3. The color was gorg. It was this rich, purple jewel tone that looked amazing with my spray-on tan. 

4. Did I mention that I felt like a bombshell?! Well, I did.

Don't get me wrong; I looooved the Slate & Willow, but there were a couple things I just couldn't get past:

1) The nude lining under the first layer kept riding up every time I walked, so I was pulling the dress down every 30 seconds or so. I would have been doing that all. night. long. and that's exhausting.

2) It was short. So short that had I lifted my arms up doing the Macarena (and yes, we did the Macarena), my tanned butt cheeks would have taken center stage.

3) There was ZERO support for my two lady friends. Granted, I don't need much support, I still like some shape and to not feel "floppy" if ya catch my drift. The stick bra that I bought would have shown (it had flaps on the sides), so that was out, and I wasn't about to go gaspbralessgasp. Not my style. 

But, in its defense, the dress is beautiful, and I'm happy I snapped some pics to remember how awesome I felt in it. 

Ain't she purrrrrty though?!

As far as Rent the Runway goes, I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. My dresses (and that Kate Spade book clutch I got for $10) were delivered straight to my door the day before the event, and I was even able to get two sizes in the Slate & Willow for no extra charge. There wasn't a size up in the Herve, so I just hoped and prayed the size small would fit. They also offer to overnight you a different size or a totally different dress if your choices don't fit. And you don't have to pay to send your rentals back-they include a prepaid envelope to put everything in-all you have to do is drop it off at a UPS Store, easy peasy!

I will FOR SURE be renting from them again, I'm already planning a family photo shoot and will be dressing everyone else around ME this time. So get ready, RTR, you're about to get a lot more of my money. 

P.S. If you're interested in renting, I'd love it if you used my referral code; we'll both get a $20 credit (yours will come after your first rental):

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