Monday, March 3, 2014

18 days...

Spring's first official day is March 20th, which is 18 days away. Now, that doesn't mean no more snow or subzero temperatures, but at least we're one day closer to summer, right?

I can't wait for gauzy crop tops, breezy scarves, and FLATS! No more winter slush soaking through my boots and drenching my wool sucks (grossest feeling ever, btw), I cannot wait.

The Farmer's Almanac calls for an "unseasonably warm patch" in April, but it will unfortunately be short lived, as we can expect another massive snowstorm to quickly follow on its heels. Colder temperatures will continue into May, but the good news is that it should be warm enough for a light jacket by Memorial Day. Yay (sarcasm?). 

Anyways, this isn't a weather blog, and now that I've probably caused you severe depression, take a look at these pretty little things I've discovered just for you. Lots of pastels, polka dots, flowers, and even some lips. It's never too early to start thinking about tulips and Easter baskets, so read on (and grab your debit card because you're gonna need it)!

That daisy clutch is going right in my shopping card, along with both pairs of those sunglasses, and the metallic kitten heels. There's absolutely nothing drab about springtime, amIright?

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