Friday, June 7, 2013

Ridiculously Excited...

About my latest clearance purchase!

If you know me, you will know that I rarely ever buy anything at full price. 

I refuse to use coupons when I'm grocery shopping (don't ask, it's just a weird thing of mine), but you bet your pretty little behind that I will use them at clothing stores! Seriously, I will text, email, download, and sign up for any special offer I can get-and it always pays off!

Anyways, getting off track...

I went to Kohl's this afternoon and scoured the clearance racks (which, btw, are awesomesauce because they're usually 70-80% off-none of that 30% off nonsense), and happened upon the perfect pair of LC by Lauren Conrad "leather" pants for, get this, $11.60! They were in my size, and I just had to purchase them.

That blazer was even there, but I needed a chambray more than I needed a new blazer, so I had to pass. 

I'm headed out this weekend and cannot wait to rock these babies with my super awesome tiger tank and neon citron heels. Keep an eye out for that outfit post!

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Happy Friday babes!


  1. I've been dying for that blazer but have yet to find my size! Boo :(

  2. Such a win!

    Speaking of wins, you won my jewelmint giveaway, so please email me!