Friday, October 15, 2010

Outerwear + Accessories = Winter Chic!

The one thing I actually enjoy (and I use that term very lightly) about Minnesota winters is buying a new coat, gloves, scarves, and hats/headbands. I figure that if I've got to live in this frozen tundra, I might as well look good doing it. Coats, jackets, and other winter accessories are in no short supply in my neck of the woods, you can find them at pretty much any store. There's so many ways that you can mix and match your pieces to your mood or the occasion, your options are limitless! 

Let's start with coats and jackets. Here are some of my faves: fun! I love animal prints!

This would look adorable over a mini cocktail dress. Or maybe a long, sequin tunic with tights. This coat is the perfect mix of demure (in the cream color) and badass (with the studded shoulders).

Ohmygoodness...the stripes! The buttons! The faux fur removable collar! There isn't a thing about this coat I don't love. 

This one is a little more casual, but I love all the pockets w/the zippers, and the hood is pretty awesome as well. The layers are already built in which give this jacket a very easy, nonchalant look.

Now that you've got your main piece, you can start accessorizing your look. There are really only three things you need to add here (besides your warm footwear)-a hat/headband, a scarf, and a pair of mittens or gloves. Don't expect to survive -30 windchill without ALL of those. 

We'll start at the top and work our way down...first up, hats and headbands...

I classify this as "skater chic". It's laid back enough that you could wear it with the black jacket, but still stylish and warm. Loves it!

I'm not a hat person. I love them, but I look ridiculous in them. I really love wearing headbands during the Winter because they don't mash down my hair, but they still keep my ears and forehead warm. This one is wider, which I dig, and has a cute little rosette on it. Plus, the color is bright enough to warm up any dreary day. It would look amazing with any of the jackets above, but I think it would look best with the navy blue striped one. :)

Doesn't this look so soft and snuggly? It looks big enough that it would cover your ears and forehead as well. I hate when hats are cute, but don't serve any purpose. Us Minnesota girls don't mess around with those! Wear this one with any of the jackets, especially the animal print one-it adds that perfect POP! of color. 

More hat links:

Moving downwards, to the neck...

Infinity scarves take all the guesswork out of how to properly wrap your scarf. Throw this over your head and wrap it around a few times...VOILA! Instant, perfectly wrapped, scarf. 

I like to match my headband/hat to my scarf, so that's why I chose this. I think the mustard color looks so good with the navy, but it could also go with the cream. Stay away from the black in order to avoid looking like Bumblebee from Transformers. ;)

More links for scarves:

Last but no least, the hands...
(no pics here, just links since all the awesome ones are from Target):

Cashmere gloves for under 20 bucks?! Ummm...YES PLEASE!

These are the best color ever! I think they're pretty badass and would look stellar with the cream colored jacket. 

If you're going to survive, you'll definitely need a cozy warm pair of mittens!

I'm diggin' the soft buttery color of these!

As always, remember to make it your own!
Happy Saving and Happy Fall!

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