Saturday, April 6, 2013

Challis Shorts from Target

I've seen these at Target a couple times now and I knew that I should have followed my gut and bought them right away, because now I'm sitting here wishing I could do my own outfit post with them! I used to wear these "skorts" (at least that's what they were called in my day) all the time, and I think they're super fab. They're shorts, but they look like a skirt, so they're easily dressed up or dressed down. You can do no wrong in these babies (which also makes them awesome in my book).

You can take any route you want with this, depending on which print you choose. With the floral pattern, I  went a more boho route, but you could definitely intermix these two styles with either pattern! I know that I'm too old (and I definitely don't have the flat stomach) for crop tops, but I love the look of them with these shorts. You can always tie a chambray top at the waist if you don't want all that skin hanging out. I love how the top is very structured, while the shorts are nice and breezy. Great contradiction. The look on the right is a lot more classic, especially when paired with a peplum top and black heels (gotta love Zara!). 

Whether you choose one of these looks or decide to make it your own, I think that these challis shorts from Target would make a great addition to your closet. At $17.99 a piece, snatch up a few different patterns before they're gone (find them here)!

Happy shopping!

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